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About Us

Optimus Pest Control is a pest control company that offers pest removal services to make your house pest-free. By using the industry’s leading equipment and new technologies, we use harmless and eco-friendly methodologies so to protect your belongings and pets. By having extensive knowledge and years of experience, we strive to make your premises hygienic by making them free of pests. The major benefit of advanced technology has made us capable to use and imply modern pest control methods. Some pests are ants, rodents, roaches, bedbugs, and spiders, only to name a few.

Our sole aim is to make the environment hygienic by using modern pest controlling methods. We prioritize customer satisfaction and make you feel like our family. You can have us on your residential property or you can hire us for your commercial premises. Don’t let your home infest by the pest. Hire us today. 

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After our treatment, we can help control the long term risk of pests.