Different types of Pests you can deal with throughout the Year

Pests are a serious problem when they are around you. Most of the countries do not have all four seasons but some have all four of them. In every season you will come around with a new kind of pest and these days pests in your region are increasing every year. Pests will come into your properties and they don’t even need your permission for that. You will need a professional and expert pest control service that will help you in exterminating all kinds of pests from your property.

Not just properties, pests also destroy the fields, crops, and plants. No one will ever want their garden or fields to get destroyed by these small pests. We will help you in controlling all seasonal pests. Optimus Pest Control provides the best and most reliable pest control services in your area. Optimus Pest Control has solutions for all pests that grow in all seasons.


As spring is hot weather, you will find an increasing number of various kinds of pests because spring is the season when pests are most active. As you know that spring is the season when plants and flowers bloom.


You will find bees and insects that sting, flying everywhere around you. These pests will come into your properties and bite you. Bees and other pests make their colonies around your properties and whenever they find you near them, they will attack you. Another problem that arises in the spring season is moisture. Mosquitos grow in moisture and damp places; they lay their eggs there because moisture is said to be the most favorite condition of mosquitos. If your look around your properties, you will find many places that have water or moisture including yards, your bathroom, the place under the kitchen’s sink, and more.

Ants are the most usual pests that you will find crawling on the floor in the spring season. Ants may look tiny but they also bite and can make your living hard. Ants make colonies and their nests near places where they find food like kitchens and waste bins. If these ants are not controlled, they increase in number and then you will find them everywhere even in your food and clothes. If you have Optimus Pest Control by your side, no pest will even come around your property in the spring season.


Dray Woods

In summer the level of humidity increases resulting in giving a good condition for many pests to grow. Dry wood termites are the most common pests you will see in your house’s furniture and things that are made up of wood. These can be dangerous because they are fed on wood so they will make the furniture or the frames of your house completely hollow and empty. This can result in many accidents including the destruction of your property and furniture.

Other types of pests that you will come around in the summer season are webworms and chinch bugs. You will find them on lawn and fabric material items including your clothes. They eat lawn and make holes in it, this will cause the loss of many of your clothes. Mosquitos also grow in summer because humidity and damp weather is the condition where they lay eggs and grow. Optimus Pest Control Company will help you in controlling these disease-carrying mosquitos and other pests. So that you can live a comfortable life.


Pest Control

Warm Winter

As the winter season comes, the temperate drops and pests like mosquitos and bees cannot survive that temperature. They will leave your places for some months but in the winter season, other types of pests are born and grown. You will find roaches in your places, hiding in your furniture, kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and other places. Roaches can spread diseases because they are dirty and carry many harmful bacteria. If these are not controlled, they increase in number so fast and you will find them on your food.

Bedbugs are also pests that grow in number in the warm winter season. Bedbugs are fed on human blood so they will bite you and leave big red marks on your skin. If these bugs are not controlled their number will increase like other pests and can disturb your nights. Optimus Pest Control company has all the latest and most effective solutions to control bedbugs, roaches, and other warm winter season pests.

Finding a Warm Place in Winter

Due to lack of food and cold outsides, all the pests want to take shelter in tour home. Especially when there is a lot of source of having food in kitchen and rooms. To prevent these cases our Optimus pest Control Company is providing the best services for making them stay out of your house.


To make rodents run away you can close all the holes near your door and window and your foundation. You can also use wire mesh and steel wool behind vents to deter rodents from entering your house. When they got shelter, they stay in warm places and start growing the families. To control them it’s very necessary to invite some professionals to get rid of these stubborn insects. These insects are destroying the house and the interior.

Stinging insects

There are more than 500,000 people who get to emergency due to this insect they are the one which is very dangerous for the human if they bite one. There is a natural ebb and flow to insects’ life. in winter some insects reach the of the houses. And also hide in eaves, paneling, and many other structural parts of the house. They know that this place is a detective and protected from being seen or get caught. In winter when mud becomes cold, they push to enter the house and get out of the soils.


Fleas come in the house due to the pets you have in your house. Or if you do not have any pets then they will crawl from the tiniest space in the house. Due to winter, they want to have shelter in a warm place so they came to your house. And then they start infesting your house. Understanding our company Optimus pest control will allow you to have our services that are proactive rather than reactive for your house.

Stinging insects