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General Pest Control in Weston FL

The purpose of General Pest Control in Weston FL is to prevent the common sessional insects that affect Weston FL.

The first medication is considered as an Initial General Pest Control in Weston FL, and it includes not only a treatment but also a home inspection to identify any favorable conditions that could lead to pest problems. General pest control is a two-part service that involves treating your home's inside and outside. Optimus Pest Control will treat the exterior perimeter of your home, including external doors and window thresholds, weep holes, and around soffits and roofs. We will treat the interior baseboards, corners of walls, and under kitchen appliances.

All of the treatments related to General Pest Control in Weston FL used by us get a minimal fragrance and will not stain any surface, leaving a clear residual barrier to protect your family, pets, and house. When completely cleaned, the chemical product's Affordable uses are all combined with water to produce a complete solution that is safe for your family and pets while also providing a barrier of protection for the insects indicated above.


The outside service handles the majority of the defensive effort. The technician will begin by treating the exterior perimeter of your home; we ask that all persons, children, and pets be brought inside during this time. Outside, start by exterminating all spiders and destroying and treating paper wasp nests near doors, windows, soffits, and roofs.

The next step is to power spray around the foundation perimeter of your home from 5 feet away, followed by hand spraying around door and window thresholds.

The next step is to treat all of the weeping holes, cable, and plumbing penetrations on the side of the house with an insecticidal dust. We ask that you allow the chemical treatment to dry completely after the outside treatment related to General Pest Control in Weston FL is completed. It is usual to wait one hour before allowing pets or people outside again. On the inside of the house, we ask that any toys, clothing, and shoes be moved away from the baseboards and corners of walls, where the majority of the treatment will be applied.

We recommend that pets be placed in a kennel or removed from the household, and children are placed on a couch or removed from the home. The same drying concept that is recommended on the outside is also recommended on the interior. After treating the interior of the house, we’ll treat the garage and set up monitoring glue boards to trap insects like spiders trying to get into the garage.

This is a tool for the homeowner and technician to use in-between visits to see what has been going on in the environment. Optimus Pest Control will finish the invoice with you after the treatment is completed and negotiate payment terms with you. The treatment of the yard is not included in a general pest control treatment. Please visit our other services on our website for different insect difficulties.

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