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In Florida, there are always fleas because of the warm climate. They can be a problem inside and outside homes in the Jacksonville area, whether you have pets or not. Fleas can come from rodents, stray cats, neighborhood dogs, and wildlife in your yard. Once they’re on your lawn, you or your pets can bring them inside.Optimus Pest Control can help get rid of fleas with solutions guaranteed for 90 days, reducing the flea population in your house and yard. If you have fleas in your home, it’s important to do something about it. Fleas can live for about 100 days even without a blood meal (from you or your pets). If they have access to blood, female fleas can lay eggs within 36 to 48 hours. Before you know it, your house could be full of fleas!

Interior Flea Treatments

To treat the inside of your home, we need you to do some preparation before the treatment. We’ll give you specific instructions beforehand, such as vacuuming furniture and rugs, washing floors, and arranging for your family and pets to be out on the day of the treatment. To activate the 90-day guarantee, you also need to provide proof that your pets have been treated. If your yard is infested with fleas, your pets could bring them inside, and you might even unknowingly bring fleas in yourself! Rodents can also bring fleas into your home. Stray cats, possums, rats, and squirrels outdoors drop fleas as they move around. To reduce the number of fleas on your property, we can apply treatments to your lawn outside to significantly decrease the fleas that might make their way inside. Let Optimus Pest Control be your guide.


Multiple Flea Treatments Are Necessary

Getting rid of fleas from a home can be challenging, so we recommend hiring professional pest control services if you have a flea problem. When fleas lay eggs on pets or even humans, the eggs turn into larvae in about a week. The tiny larva then moves to a dry area to create a pupa case, similar to a caterpillar cocoon. It stays there until it senses a warm-blooded host nearby, at which point it becomes an adult flea. Female fleas only need one blood meal to start the flea cycle again.

During the cocoon stage, no chemicals or flea treatments can affect the flea. This means that even if you use treatments to eliminate adult fleas and larvae, any cocoons in your home remain protected and will still hatch. As a result, it’s important to do multiple flea treatments to completely get rid of all fleas in your home. After the second treatment and proof of pet care, we offer a 90-day guarantee to cover you.

How to find out flea infestation?

 If you notice your pets, like cats or dogs, scratching themselves a lot, it might be a sign of fleas. These tiny insects bite animals to feed on their blood, causing discomfort. Red bites, especially around ankles or lower legs, could indicate flea bites on you or your pets. Flea droppings are like small dark specks and may be found on your pet’s fur or around your home. If you see these, it’s a clear sign of fleas. Sometimes, you might even spot the fleas themselves – small, fast-moving insects. Additionally, if your pets seem more restless or irritated than usual, it could be because of fleas bothering them. So, if you observe any of these signs, it’s a good idea to check for fleas and take steps to get rid of them. Professional pest control services can be helpful in effectively tackling a flea infestation.

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